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Retasco is a new, launched in 2015, independent company active in the storage, trade and distribution of biofuels, biomass and related products in North West Europe.

Retasco anticipates on the rapidly changing market conditions in the global energy market in which security of supply, the blending of biofuels and the further reduction of CO2 emissions are key. Sustainability will play a major role in all the activities of Retasco.

Certification Biomass and Biofuels

Since 2008/2009 sustainability is increasingly becoming a focus area over which companies have to think and act. The theme of bioenergy is currently a trending-topic in the market. Bioenergy is produced from biofuels and biomass. At present, the demand for biomass is growing exponentially and is expected this market will evolve over the coming years even further.
Or something may or may not be labeled as sustainable biomass depends on several factors and this listening pretty closely. The guidelines for this are laid down in a European Regulation (2009/28 / EC).
As public attention increasingly focuses on the use of biomass for the production of biodiesel and bio-energy, it is essential that any 'skullduggery' does not take place in the chain. The chain consists of producers, collection stations, logistics centers, processors and traders of biomass and biofuels.
This chain must be secured and therefore an international certification system has developed. One of these recognized systems is ISCC.
ISCC stands for International Sustainability and Carbon Certification. Within the ISCC are the legal requirements of the 2009/28 / EC included a certification standard. Retasco is certified under ISCC.

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About us

Retasco B.V. was founded in 2015 by Yves G. S. Soudan. The founder has over 25 years experience in the international oil and energy trading. The last eight years he has been active worldwide in biofuels and biomass. From ethanol from Brazil to used cooking oil from Trinidad & Tobago and Lebanon.

During this long career, he has built an excellent, professional network of suppliers, transporters, storage companies etc.

The Retasco team has extensive experience with various topics related to renewable fuels of road transport, maritime, and aviation purposes. This includes the selection of suitable raw materials, logistics, sustainability issues, different technologies for the production of renewable fuels , product specifications, (inter) national and regional legislation on biofuels and renewable energy.

Used Cooking Oil

In Europe almost all hospitality businesses have their used cooking oil collected in the familiar blue barrels. The barrels are collected by specialized fat processing companies that ensure that it is cleaned and can be reused for example by biodiesel producers. Meanwhile this happens in more and more places around the world. Because the Netherlands was traditionally a major player on the market for fats a lot of trading takes place. The Dutch biodiesel industry was one of the first in Europe to use used cooking oil as a feedstock for biodiesel. Biodiesel made from used cooking oil can achieve CO2 savings of 80 %. That's good for the environment.


Sourcing & Trading

We have build long-lasting relationships with our suppliers and clients while constantly improving our business performance. By understanding our clients’ goals, we are able to offer products and solutions that satisfy their needs and increase their margin. We can import/export, source and trade biomass and biofuels all over the world.

Consultancy and Risk Management

The team of Retasco is specialized in identifying opportunities to buy or sell at the right time. By thoroughly analysing and understanding the market, we create personalised risk management solutions to help you to have reasonable expectations and obtaining the best possible results with the lowest possible risk.

Logistical services

Retasco can provide its suppliers and clients with complete logistical services. We perfectly are aware of all the issues related to the market, supply chain, transport, import and export. We can support our clients on the following subjects:

Sustainability Consultancy

With regard to sustainability, our industry is currently going through a professionalization process thanks to the progress made in regulations and legislation. In this respect, a number of sustainability certificates have been created to audit the source and traceability on biomass and end products to ensure its sustainability.

Retasco can support you with the application for and implementation of a sustainability management system according to the requirements of almost any certification system.


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